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Hybrid High School

Grades 9-12 should have equal access to choose 5 days a week face to face instructional learning. Parents should be able to choose Virtual or In person equally. Plano ISD is the only district in Collin County to disallow the high school students from attending on campus full time. Currently the Hybrid model allows the students that had selected to return to campus only 2 days a week on campus, face to face instruction. At the beginning of the school year parents we allowed to request virtual or 5 day face to face for their children. Plano implemented 2 days on campus without parental input, consideration, or selection. All parents should be able to decide what is best for their children. The 9th-12th grades students who chose 5 days a week face to face were denied that choice. Parents should be active participants in their children's education and should be able to select the best choice for their child. Plano Independent Schools should focus on the Success of Students.



High Academic Standards

Our students  deserve the best education and we need to maintain and exceed academic standards. The PISD motto of "Powered By Learning" should be the focus. Plano is known for its high academic standards, the graduation rate of 97%, and we should maintain that commitment. The learning loss suffered during the pandemic has not yet been evaluated. The daily attendance is crucial to recovering lost skills sets. We need to ensure the commitment to high academic standards by providing access, support, remediation, and increased learning. 

Transparency & Accountability

I believe transparency and accountability creates trust with the stakeholders of PISD. I will make transparency and accountability a priority. Parents, students, and teachers should be informed of the decisions being made.  Open dialogue and discussion is critical in creating confidence and credence with our district. 

Career, Technical, Dual Credit Education

I am on the CTE committee for Plano ISD and have seen the many wonderful pathways available. We need to increase the classes available and have more options for students at the different campuses. We need expand our partnership with Collin College to allow for more dual credit for our students. More dual credit classes will give the students the opportunity to obtain associate degrees faster, shorten the college time line. This will benefit the students potential to learn and earn. The Career and Technical classes are crucial to obtain the skills and certifications to obtain quality and necessary careers.

Elementary Math and Reading Goals

Academic Excellence starts in Elementary. In order to progress to the many STEM and Academic classes in upper grades we must focus on the fundamentals for the elementary students. Education is a process and we need to ensure Third Grade reading goals and Math skills are achieved and surpassed.

Proactive Fiscal Responsibility

We need to focus our resources on what we know lies ahead based on our district's projections. We need to focus our resources on our students, the classroom, and the teachers. I believe the priority should be the success of our students. I believe in an open and transparent budgetary process on all levels. We should review the capital improvement plan on an annual basis and reevaluate decisions based on current issues. We need to structure our debt to minimize interest cost to taxpayers. A debt management plan in our current economy is a fiscal necessity. 

Retain Our Students to Retain Our Teachers

Our students are the purpose of PISD. To date 2200 students unenrolled from PISD. That is more than a $20 million loss for our district. Also per the February 2021 work session there is a deficit of more than 1600 students physically moving out of the area compared to students moving into Plano. We need the students to keep our teachers. Teachers want to teach and if there are not enough students we run the risk of losing our qualified teachers. PISD should actively look for ways to retain the current students we have and to make this the district that newcomers enroll their children in. A strong academic and vibrant district is critical to the financial and educational success of PISD. 

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